Jacinthe Brind'Amour is a Montreal artist who is in the purview of ceramic since 2008. She offers commercial and sculptural creations using image transfers and soil mixes.She creates paintings with collages of pictures and text, giving a narrative committed poetry to his work. Her collections are sold in several shops and Jacinthe participated in some exhibitions.

"The design and production of artistics and utilities objects are of unparalleled importance, because these creations are directly involved in the everyday life. Cups, bowls and plates are used each day. Photography is omnipresent in my research and themes refer to a present nostalgia, among other images there is urban landscapes, carnival and family photos. Symbols are also very significant: deer, bear, sheep, heart, death and the stars set benchmarks that connect all my work. They give a poetry that leaves place to imagination and interpretations."

Les oeuvres de Brind’Amour sont en vente dans les boutiques suivantes : Opaline Studio (Montréal), Royer trouvailles (Montréal), Au Magasin (Ste-Agathe des Monts) et Boutique du Musée du Haut Richelieu (St-Jean sur Richelieu).

L’artiste céramiste a en outre de plus en plus de visibilité à Toronto, où elle devrait bientôt présenter son œuvre percutante.

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